Applications & Features

Parana removes broken fitting shoulder and leaves male
end of pipe to re-use or re-glue.

Broken Flange
broken flange

Rusted Metal Flange
rusted flange

Separated Metal Flange
separated flange

Broken Fitting

broken fitting

If you need to save male end of pipe
save male end of pipe
Parana removes broken female fitting hub

Parana Features:
• 3 Flat Shank
Parana• Case Hardened to Rockwell Standard
• Precisely Shaped teeth
• Laser Cut
• Can Be Sharpened with a File
• Pipe Centering Guide
• Removable Bottom Guide for Short Sweep Fittings
• Roll Pinned Guides to not fall into Pipe
• Solid Hardwood Case
• Rope Handle
• Wood Case